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Rönesans is a world-leading project development and construction group, building for a better society.
Primarily in Turkey and the Netherlands, but also in other European countries, CIS countries, the Far East, and the Caribbean, we operate as a main contractor and investor in the construction, real estate, health, energy, and petrochemistry sectors.
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Code of Conduct

Ethics and Compliance Policies

Rönesans Holding, as a group with its construction and investment activities in many different parts of the world, fully complies with the laws of the countries in which it operates as well as its contractual commitments and always acts according to generally accepted ethical principles. In accordance with this model and the Rönesans Holding Ethics and Compliance Program, the Business Ethics and Code of Conduct and compliance policies have been established for all Rönesans employees and third parties acting on behalf of Rönesans, plus our business partners.

The purpose of the Business Ethics and Code of Conduct and other ethics and compliance policies is to clarify

  • Rönesans' ethical principles and core values; and demonstrate 
  • Rönesans' commitment to upholding these ethical principles and core values in all its operations. 

Rönesans' governing bodies, as well as all its employees, are responsible for following the Business Ethics and Code of Conduct and other ethics and compliance policies. Third Parties are expected to act in line with these policies in all their activities. Rönesans Holding Business Ethics and Code of Conduct, plus supporting policies, are listed below.

file Business Ethics and Code of Conduct
file Conflict of Interest and Related Party Transactions Policy
file Confidentiality, Trade Secrets, Personal Data Protection and Information Security Policy
file Anti-Bribery Corruption and Money Laundering Policy
file Human Rights Policy
file Sanctions and Export Control Policy
file Donation Policy
file Gift and Entertaintment Policy
file Whistleblowing Policy
file Policy on Competition Law Compliance
file Third Party Code of Conduct

Rönesans Ethics Hotline

Any action by an employee or Third Party in conflict with this Business Ethics and Code of Conduct model or applicable legislation may damage Rönesans' reputation. Therefore, each employee and Third Party engaged in a business relationship with Rönesans must immediately report any actual or suspected action in compliance with the Business Ethics and Code of Conduct or applicable legislation through one of the channels identified below. Rönesans takes all reports extremely seriously.

All reports received are confidential unless there is a legal obligation.

Alternative channels for reporting are listed below:

E-mail: ethics@ronesans.com
Phone: 0 850 400 85 85


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