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Rönesans Education Foundation (REV)

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About us

Rönesans Education Foundation (REV) was established in 2009 with the initiative and support of Rönesans Holding Honorary Chair Bekir Ilıcak and the Ilıcak family, who believe that knowledge is the key to supporting the education and personal development of young people and children. REV implements educational programs and social projects with the aim of helping young people to realize their potential so that they can become versatile, educated, and productive individuals.

In addition to the educational support it provides through the Scholarship Program, which it maintains without discrimination, the Foundation also offers outstanding opportunities for young people's personal and professional development. Rönesans Education Foundation, which has provided gratuitous scholarships to 11,000 students to date, develops and implements innovative education models for young people to become active and responsible citizens. In line with its principles, REV is committed to contributing to a better future with social projects and permanent works that it has put into action in many fields, especially education.

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Malatya Erman Ilıcak Science High School

Malatya Erman Ilıcak Science High School, which opened its doors in the 2020-2021 Academic Year, has been designed to make a positive difference in every possible way, from the structure of the buildings to the campus set on 43 thousand m² of land, as well as social spaces and studying areas. There are 20 classrooms, six laboratories, three libraries, workshops, indoor and outdoor social spaces and sports areas, and a full-fledged dormitory building with a 600-student capacity. The project, which stands out with its sustainability vision, was prepared in harmony with the cultural texture of the city and the region, as well as having green and environmentally friendly qualities. The construction of Malatya Erman Ilıcak Science High School was completed in 2020 and transferred to the Ministry of National Education.

İnönü University Darende Bekir Ilıcak Vocational School

Opened in the 2011-2012 academic year, the Darende Bekir Ilıcak Vocational School, which has Food Processing, Civil Engineering, Architecture, Urban Planning, Medical Services, and Techniques departments, was built by Rönesans Education Foundation, with a net closed area of 5,108 m². Our Foundation offers scholarships to the students of the school. 

Amasya Taşova Yüksel Akın Vocational School

The Amasya Taşova Yüksel Akın Vocational School opened in the 2014-15 academic year with a capacity of 1200 students. The school accepts students for a total of 7 programs in two different departments.

Yozgat Ayşe Ilıcak İH Secondary School and Girls' Anatolian High School

Ayşe Ilıcak İH Secondary School and Girls' Anatolian High School, which was opened in the 2015-2016 academic year in Yozgat, consist of two separate education buildings, a secondary school and a high school. The two school buildings have a total student capacity of 1,440.

Keriman Cetinkaya Kindergarten

Keriman Çetinkaya Kindergarten, which was built in Kahramanmaraş within the scope of the Ministry of National Education's 'One Hundred Percent Support to Education' campaign, was opened in the 2014-15 academic year. A colorful library was established within the scope of the Dreams Room Project at the school, which was built on an area of 1,695 m² with eight classrooms and a capacity of 175 students.

TED University Ayşe Ilıcak Library

TED Ayşe Ilıcak Library, established within TED University in 2016 with contributions from Rönesans Holding, has a total indoor area of 525 m². The library boasts approximately 12 thousand books and 150 periodicals and provides access to digital resources through carefully selected electronic equipment, scanning terminals, a wireless network, and fast and secure Internet access.

Bursa Gürsu Cüneyt Yıldız State Hospital

Gürsu Cüneyt Yıldız State Hospital, which was built in Bursa in 2016 and has a closed construction area of 13 thousand m², offers healthcare services with a capacity of 75 beds, 33 polyclinics, four intensive care units, and four operating rooms.

Ankara Erman Ilıcak Science High School

Student study areas and social and sports spaces were designed in a qualified manner on the Ankara Erman Ilıcak Science High School campus. The project, which aims to improve the education quality of the region, includes 24 classrooms, a sports hall, and a 200-bed student housing building. The project also includes laboratories, workshops, as well as social spaces, and sports areas. Ankara Erman Ilıcak Science High School, which was contracted within the framework of the protocol signed between Rönesans Education Foundation, Ankara Provincial Directorate of National Education, and Governorship of Ankara, was opened in the 2022-2023 academic year and donated to the Ministry of National Education.

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