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Rönesans Holding & Ballast Nedam are in the Finals of the 2024 Edie Awards!

20 December 2023
Rönesans Holding and Ballast Nedam made it to the finals of the Edie Awards, one of the leading awards in England, with three different projects in three different categories.

Rönesans Holding and Ballast Nedam Selected as Finalists at the 2024 Edie Awards 

Rönesans Holding and its group company Ballast Nedam in the Netherlands have reached the finals in three different categories with three separate projects at the Edie Awards, one of the UK's leading awards in the field of sustainability. 

Rönesans Holding has earned a place in the finals with the 'Where Did We Leave Off in Education in Villages?' project, which was created in collaboration with KODA, the Post-Disaster Support Program at Malatya Yaşam Kent, and Ballast Nedam's Jonas project. 

You can click here to view our Edie Awards social media post.

The Edie Awards

Conducted for 17 years, the Edie Awards are a prestigious UK-based award program highlighting sustainability, energy, and environmental issues. More than just an awards ceremony, the Edie Awards emphasize the importance of environmental and social responsibility and significantly promote crucial sustainable practices to ensure a promising future for the business world.

Which Rönesans Holding and Ballast Nedam Projects Reached the Finals at the 2024 Edie Awards?

Rönesans Holding and KODA - 'Where Did We Leave Off in Education in Villages?'
The 'Where Did We Leave Off in Education in Villages?' project, implemented in collaboration with Rönesans Holding and KODA, has reached the finals in the 'Partnership and Collaboration of the Year: Education and Empowerment' category at the Edie Awards.

The project, supported by Rönesans Holding, aims to provide academic and psychosocial support to children living in villages and rural areas most affected by the February 6 earthquakes and offer family training to their parents as part of the Rural Schools Transformation Network (KODA) initiative. 

This project, carried out with KODA with the support of volunteers in the villages of Adıyaman, focuses on enhancing children's social-emotional learning and readiness for school in the aftermath of the earthquake disaster. It will reach approximately 500 children and their families. 

ronesans-holding-koda-koyde-egitimde-nerede-kalmistik.jpg (243 KB)

Check out the YouTube video for Rönesans Holding | KODA | Where Did We Leave Off in Education in Villages?

Post-Disaster Support Program

Rönesans Holding's Malatya Yaşam Kent project, an important component of the Post-Disaster Support Program, has been selected as a finalist in the ‘Social Sustainability, Diversity, and Inclusion’ category. 

Following the devastating earthquakes on February 6 centered in Malatya, Rönesans Holding swiftly responded by providing living spaces for 5,500 people with Malatya Yaşam Kent, which was completed in just two months. 

malatya_unicef_ronesans_holding.jpg (2.97 MB)

In collaboration with UNICEF, the established social spaces continue to support psychosocial services and early learning activities for children, youth, and women. 

For more details on the project, you can view our article 'Containers are Being Installed in Malatya Yaşam Kent!'

Ballast Nedam - The Jonas Project

With the Jonas project, Rönesans Holding's group company in the Netherlands, has reached the finals in the 'Green Building/Infrastructure Project of the Year' category. 

The Jonas Project stands out as a leading residential project in the Netherlands in the field of sustainability, adopting healthy living environment principles, sustainable material use, and energy efficiency. 

By separating construction waste into seven different recyclable streams and achieving a waste decomposition rate of 97%, the Jonas Project underlines its commitment to promoting a healthy living environment, sustainable material use, and energy efficiency. 

You can find more details about the Jonas Project here.

jonas_ronesans_holding.jpg (591 KB)

About Rönesans Group

Rönesans Holding, the conglomerate's top investment entity headquartered in Ankara, is the 38th largest international contracting company globally and the 9th largest in Europe. With operations spanning 30 countries across Europe, Central Asia, and Africa, including subsidiaries such as Ballast Nedam in the Netherlands and Heitkamp Industrial Solutions GmbH in Germany, Rönesans has been operating as the main contractor and investor successfully for 30 years in construction, real estate development, healthcare and energy. Putting resilience and growth through innovation at the core of the company, with a priority on sustainability and social development, Rönesans has developed projects supporting students with scholarships, academic platforms and initiatives; been a signatory of the UN Global Compact since 2015; and a signatory of the UN Women’s Empowerment Principles since 2016.

Under the leadership of its president, Erman Ilıcak, Rönesans, along with its partners GIC, Meridiam Infrastructure, Sojitz, Samsung C&T, TotalEnergies, and IFC of the World Bank Group (minority shareholder in the group), has invested more than EUR8 billion into pioneering projects globally.

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