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Replacement and renovation project A73 tunnels

Project Status Ongoing
Year 2022 - 2027
Location Limburg
Ballast Nedam and Croonwolter&dros will conduct the replacement and renovation of the Roertunnel and the Swalmen tunnel in 2023. In addition, we are jointly responsible for the maintenance of the tunnels for the next five years. 
We will replace a total of ten of the fifty tunnel components, such as the ventilation and lighting systems. All new systems align with the national tunnel standard. We will also be renovating several tunnel components. For example, both tunnels will be given a light-coloured asphalt layer. The white gravel in the asphalt reflects the lights in the tunnel and the lighting of the cars. This means that less light is needed in the tunnel and we, therefore, save energy.

Link : https://www.ballast-nedam.com/what-we-do/projects/2022/replacement-and-renovation-a73-tunnels

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