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Towards a Greener Horizon: Rönesans Enerji's Commitment to Renewable Energy

15 March 2024
Green energy, a subset of renewable energy and produced from natural sources such as sun, wind or water, are the renewable energy sources that provide the greatest environmental benefit.

Towards a Greener Horizon: Rönesans Enerji's Commitment to Renewable Energy

Whether it be Wind, Solar or Water, Green Sources of Energy are Set to Dominate the Energy Sector. Here’s How Some Energy Experts Predict How…

A subset of renewable energy, green energy — generated from natural resources like sunlight, wind or water — includes renewable energy resources that offer the greatest environmental benefit. So, despite all green energy resources being renewable, not all renewable resources are considered green.

The wider renewable power sector is going through an unprecedented spurt of growth — turbocharged as businesses and countries seek to secure energy as a result of the global energy crisis. This factor is one of the main contributors to the world being set to add as much renewable power to its arsenal in the next five years as it did in the last 20. 

Emre Hatem, Rönesans Holdings’ President of Energy Group and Board Member of Rönesans Enerji, joint venture between Rönesans Holding and TotalEnergies, says numerous green energy solutions are driving positive change, namely energy storage and sustainable transportation. 

“Integrating intermittent renewable sources, such as solar and wind, into the grid heavily relies on advances in energy storage technologies, especially batteries,” he explains. “Energy storage solutions play a vital role in enhancing grid stability and reliability by storing excess energy when it is abundant and releasing it when needed.”

“And the electrification of transportation, including electric vehicles (EVs) and advancements in battery technology, is having a positive impact by reducing reliance on fossil fuels. Additionally, developing sustainable aviation fuels and biofuels contributes to greener transportation options.”

These solutions, in Hatem’s eyes, represent substantial strides toward a greener future, addressing both the energy production infrastructure and consumption patterns.

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Green energy is integral to long-term renewable strategies

Hatem advocate that alternative sources of energy are increasingly recognised as important for both environmental benefit and resilience and competitiveness of business.

Rönesans Enerji, for example, is currently operating a portfolio of 166 MW of hydro assets and the company has also secured a pipeline of more than 500 MW of wind, solar and battery storage assets. It also aims to develop 2GW of renewable energy by 2028, contributing to Turkey’s green energy transition. This represents an investment of more than US$2bn, accounting for 7% of Turkey's total target for green energy production capacity.

Alliances key to contributing to green energy targets

Collaborations are essential in the pursuit of further adoption and the wider accessibility of green energy solutions. Not only does it allow for the fostering of innovation for comprehensive solutions but with the uniting of unique expertise and resources, the industry can work together in pursuit of a common goal, too lofty to be overcome by an individual or a small group.

Hatem advocates: “By pooling resources and expertise, the industry can speed up developing and deploying innovative technologies that contribute to cleaner and more sustainable energy solutions. Energy sustainability involves addressing interconnected challenges such as climate change, resource depletion and environmental degradation, and collaborations enable a holistic approach to problem-solving. Partnerships can promote sustainable business practices and corporate responsibility across the energy supply chain.”

From Hatem’s experience, collaboration is key to making significant strides toward sustainability. For example, Rönesans works closely with international and global partners including TotalEnergies and has recently received a £680m (US$861m) investment from UKEF (UK Export Finance) for a high-speed electrified railway in Turkey spanning 286km across the south of the country which is expected to reduce carbon emissions by an estimated 150,000 tonnes annually. 

The role green energy will play in sustainability pursuits

Off the back of Rönesans Enerji making strides in its own green energy endeavours, such as working towards Turkey’s renewable energy goals with a milestone investment in three wind turbine projects of 189MW with the Nordex Group and Heitkamp Industrial Solutions, the company hopes to increase its installed capacity to 355MW by the end of 2024. This is in line with Rönesans Enerji's goal under the partnership of Rönesans Holding and of producing 2GW of renewable energy by 2028.

“The year 2024 and beyond will be busy for us as we endeavour to realise additional green energy investments in Turkey,” Hatem details. “The evolving landscape is likely to witness increased global cooperation, leveraging shared expertise and resources to address pressing sustainability challenges.”

Source: https://energydigital.com/articles/green-energy-the-key-to-industrys-sustainable-future

About Rönesans Group

Rönesans Holding, the conglomerate's top investment entity headquartered in Ankara, is the 38th largest international contracting company globally and the 9th largest in Europe. With operations spanning 30 countries across Europe, Central Asia, and Africa, including subsidiaries such as Ballast Nedam in the Netherlands and Heitkamp Industrial Solutions GmbH in Germany, Rönesans has been operating as the main contractor and investor successfully for 30 years in construction, real estate development, healthcare and energy. Putting resilience and growth through innovation at the core of the company, with a priority on sustainability and social development, Rönesans has developed projects supporting students with scholarships, academic platforms and initiatives; been a signatory of the UN Global Compact since 2015; and a signatory of the UN Women’s Empowerment Principles since 2016.

Under the leadership of its president, Erman Ilıcak, Rönesans, along with its partners GIC, Meridiam Infrastructure, Sojitz, Samsung C&T, TotalEnergies, and IFC of the World Bank Group (minority shareholder in the group), has invested more than EUR8 billion into pioneering projects globally.

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