President’s Message

Dear Friends,

Renaissance was established in 1993 to challenge the contracting companies, which ignore the real needs of their clients, give no importance to their own employees and delay to fulfill their responsibilities timely, relying on their brand values, machine parks, resources, and previous experiences.

Over the years, many of my friends who knew deep in their hearts that they could do much better but failed to find the opportunity to do it, have joined this movement of change.

Hence, our clients, who are very special to us and believe that they deserve a much better service for the money they pay, have taken the risk and given us the opportunity to start and continue this movement of change, despite our relatively small size and experience.

We have proven hundreds of times to ourselves and to others that if we trust in one another, work side by side, and stick to the right path, we can achieve success. As a matter of fact, if we take a look to the past 26 years, we can see that with our 75 thousand employees and activities in 20 different countries, we have transformed from a single construction company to one of the largest contractors of the world.

Today, in many parts of the world, people talk about the success story that we have written not only with pleasure and happiness, but also with pain, tears, sweat, and even blood.

Nevertheless, those who know us are proud of what we have achieved and point us out as a role model.

That means that from now on, we have a much greater responsibility. Therefore, we have to work much more responsibly and carefully than ever, because we have to think not only of ourselves or our loved ones, but also of those who have trusted us and purchased the buildings we have constructed, for themselves or their loved ones.

All the children’s tales in our culture start with these phrases: “Little we went, far we went, and after crossing hills and rivers, we found ourselves just there where we had started.” We too have walked for 26 years without stopping, but know that we still have a long, but a very long way to go. I am sure that some of you would ask: “Where will this walk end?”

Vladimir İlyiç Ulyanov, alias Lenin said: “The spring is beautiful only then when all flowers blossom.”

For us too, this walk will get close to its end only then, when the children of our colleagues and the children in the countries where we do business, enjoy the same opportunities, which the children enjoy in the most developed countries. In other words: when all flowers blossom.

We will continue to walk, question and change things until we achieve this result, by always working harder and without compromising our main principles of integrity and competitiveness.

This year, just like the year before, I would like to conclude my letter with a poem, which I believe tells our story in the best way, written by the Turkish poet Nazım Hikmet Ran, who spent most of his life in Russia, just like many of my colleagues who have contributed so much to the success of this company.

Dr. Erman Ilıcak



leaving those behind who don’t,

just like empty streets,


tearing the air apart from top to down,

just like the bore of a mauser rifle,

looking into the eyes of the darkness!..


feeling the head of shoulders of your buddies

near your own,


with your heart in your fists,

risking your neck!..



those in ambush

those tripping from behind
but still walking…




and walking…

Nazım Hikmet Ran