JV between Rönesans Holding and TAV Construction in Europe

The joint venture between Ballast Nedam, a Rönesans Holding group company, and TAV Construction is awarded the construction contract for the new terminal at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. The project is scheduled for completion in 2019.

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport continues to expand for an enhanced capacity. The joint venture between Ballast Nedam, a Rönesans Holding group company,and TAV Constructionis awarded the contract for the new terminal building expansion work at Amsterdam Schiphol Airportof the Royal Schiphol Group. The Royal Schiphol Group awarded the construction of both the new pier and the aircraft stands to the JV under the contract. Covering an area of 55,000 m2, the new pier to be constructed during the expansion work will accommodate five gates for narrow-body aircraft on the north side and three gates for wide-body aircraft on the south side. Two wide-body gates will be added to the south side at a later stage.

A sustainable terminal

Biomaterials, insulating glass, and recyclable plastic and marble rubblework tiles are used for the new terminal building at Schiphol. The pier will also feature 5,000 m2of solar panels and use rainwater for cleaning. The new terminal building will offer all indispensable facilities for any terminal such as security checkpoints, border control, shops and catering areas. In addition, the terminal building will have three floors to separate passengers that are subject to different border and security procedures. As a result, the new terminal building can be used for incoming and outgoing passengers from Schengen countries, intercontinental travellers and their security screening as well as passengers from non-Schengen countries.

Cenk Düzyol, Board Chairman at Ballast Nedam, said, “Since its foundation in 1993, Rönesans Holding has been growing rapidly in Turkey and Europe alike to become one of the top global contracting companies. This has been both an organic and inorganic growth. Rönesans Holding is the 38thlargest international contractor in the world and the 10thlargest in Europe according to the ENR rankings. In 2015, we acquired Ballast Nedam, a well-established Dutch construction company. Upon the completion of the acquisition process, we declared that Ballast Nedam would bring in its 150-year experience to accelerate our growth in Europe. In a very short amount of time, we exceeded a turnover of EUR 1 billion in Europe. Today, we are truly glad to have been awarded the contract for Amsterdam Schiphol Airport through our joint venture with TAV Construction and to be a part of this project. We successfully represent Turkey abroad. Rönesans signature on key projects in European cities is a major source of pride not only for us but also for Turkey.”

Ümit Kazak, TAV Construction CEO, said, “We are happy to have been awarded the new terminal building contract for Schiphol Airport together with Ballast Nedam, our business partners. Ballast Nedam is owned by a Turkish construction company, a solid indicator of the progress the Turkish construction industry has made. At TAV Construction, we have specialized experience in the design, financing and construction of airports. ENR data indicates that we have been among the top 3 global companies in the last 4 years in this industry. So far, the total value of contracts we honoured in Turkey and abroad has reached USD 19.2 billion. The airports in capital cities of seven countries in the Middle East and North Africa bear our signature. This project in the Netherlands, following our previous work in France, will help us sustain our growth as a preferred brand in the EU market. Schiphol Airport is one of the largest in the world, and this project we will complete with our business partners is key for the expansion work at the airport. We believe we are a good representative of our country in airport construction. We are gladly providing young Turkish architects and engineers with international employment opportunities.”