Rönesans Holding Ranking first among the companies with the highest number of employees Ranking 19th in the general list Ranking first in the construction sector’s list

Rönesans Holding, operates as the prime contractor and investor in the areas of construction, real estate, health and energy in a wide geography, primarily in Turkey Russia and Holland as well as Central Asia, Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Rönsesans Holding continues to add value to Turkey and to all its other countries of operation with its projects carried out in 28 countries through its more than 75 thousand employees from 64 different nations. It builds heavy industry facilities, infrastructure projects, industrial manufacturing facilities, chemical and pharmaceutical production facilities, food and beverage processing facilities, automotive and machinery plants, health facilities, power plants as well as shopping malls, offices, hotels, residences and mixed buildings.
It ranks 28th on ENR’s World’s Top 250 Contractors list and 9th in Europe’s ranking. Representing Turkey at the zenith of international contracting business, Rönesans enjoys a pioneering position among Turkish companies, too.

70% of all revenues come from international projects

The Group earned 70% (3,8 billion USD) and 72% (3 billion USD) of its consolidated revenues (excluding the share of revenues made by its subsidiaries and business partners), respectively in 2019 and in 2020, from its operations abroad. By the end of this year, with the impact of the pandemic easing around the world, they expect a 15% year-on-year increase in its international revenues on USD basis.

Rönesans Holding carries on with its international accomplishments, by being the best in everything they do. Some of its many ongoing projects include Yamal LNG Production Facility that will open a new energy line in the world, Gotthard Base, the world’s longest railway tunnel, Lakhta Center, Europe’s tallest building, İstanbul Başakşehir Çam and Sakura City Hospital, world’s biggest earthquake insulator installed building, and Gaasperdammertunnel, Holland’s longest land tunnel.