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Primarily in Turkey and the Netherlands, but also in other European countries, CIS countries, the Far East, and the Caribbean, we operate as a main contractor and investor in the construction, real estate, health, energy, and petrochemistry sectors.
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Rönesans is realising a large variety of projects abroad

30 November 2021
Operating in the fields of construction, real estate, health, energy, heavy industry and petrochemistry, Rönesans Holding constructs industrial facilities, infrastructure projects, health complexes, power plants, shopping centers and mixed structures for different sectors such as pharmaceuticals and food.
Realizing projects that require various expertise and advanced engineering around the world, Rönesans carries out projects abroad with Ballast Nedam.

Clean drinking water for 17,000 families in seven villages in Sri Lanka

In this context, Ballast Nedam, which is a subsdiary company of Rönesans Group, is implementing a project that will provide access to clean drinking water for 17 thousand people in 7 villages in the Hemmathagama region.

Operating the construction of a water treatment plant that will be installed both underground and above ground and connected to a completely new pipeline network, Ballast Nedam carries out the project with the highest quality standards.

Princess Juliana International Airport at St. Maarten, which is located in the northeastern Caribbean Sea and was damaged severely by Hurricane Irma in 2017, is being renovated and modernized by Ballast Nedam. The project, which has Ballast Nedam as the main contractor and will provide employment to the local people, will be designed to be resistant to natural disasters.

Artificial intelligence center: MindLabs

Ballast Nedam is establishing a very important center in the Netherlands for robotics, informatics studies and artificial intelligence research. Ballast Nedam will implement a six-storey complex in Tilburg named “MindLabs”. In the project, where an existing building will be transformed, offices offer a ample space for activities such as education and media and it is being built as a transparent structure.
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