BIM Building Information Model

People have now faced tremendous technological transformation that affects every aspect of their lives. On the business side, the ones which can rapidly adapt into this transformation gain a key competitive edge. The same goes for the construction and contracting industry, which has barely taken the latest technologies into its focus until recently.

Facing a significant rise in cost, time and quality pressures, construction companies can gain a competitive advantage only by becoming more open to digitalization and by analyzing the big data more accurately.

At this point, the Building Information Model, BIM, matters. This technology enables construction companies to create and manage digital representations of physical and functional characteristics of a project. Researches show that BIM technology shortens construction project completion by 7% and lowers costs by 20% in average. What is more, BIM is also good for the future of the Earth. BIM supports green building projects by cutting carbon emission rates up to 50%.

In short, BIM speeds up construction projects, lowers costs, gives a boost to quality and creates an invaluable opportunity to maintain a more sustainable world.

We, one of the pioneering users of this technology, at Rönesans had the chance of using and gaining competitive advantages of this technology in various stages of our city hospital projects in the Turkish provinces of Adana, Elazığ and Yozgat. Based on the positive results which were received by our highly creative and technically skilled BIM specialists, we are now using this technology in each stage of our Başakşehir City Hospital project in Istanbul. As is the case for all of our projects, it is also our priority in the Başakşehir City Hospital project to raise the quality by using the latest technologies and to make a positive contribution to a more sustainable future. Because at Rönesans we are working to disrupt the usual ways of doing in the industry and to build the future.