We would like to express our gratitude to all our healthcare professionals, especially our physicians and nurses, who have been working hard to protect human life during the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. We wholeheartedly thank all workers who have made great efforts to make sure that our daily lives remained as unaffected as possible.

Rönesans Holding donates TRY 8 million ($1.2 million approximately) to support this struggle for human life.

Moreover, in order to support our business partners from the retail sector, we will not collect any rental payments for the period of March 20 – April 30 from a total of 1,850 stores located in Optimum, Kozzy, Piazza, Hilltown and Maltepe Park shopping malls located in seven cities across the country.

At Rönesans Holding, we further our efforts to deliver while taking advanced measures in construction sites and offices and by shifting to different working systems and prioritizing the health and safety of our communities, stakeholders and all our employees and their families. We believe that, through solidarity, we will overcome this pandemic in unity. Once we believe, we succeed.