$1.7-Billion industrial investment from Rönesans Holding

Rönesans Holding has launched one of the private-sector largest industrial investments in Turkey in Ceyhan, Adana. The groundbreaking ceremony for Ceyhan Polypropylene Production Plant which will operate on a 62-hectare land within Ceyhan Industrial Zone was held on Saturday, October the 9th. Ceyhan Polypropylene Production Plant, with an investment value of near $ 1.7 billion, is intended to triple Turkey’s annual polypropylene production capacity, thus substituting for 20% of the total imports.

This investment stands among the largest industrial investment made by the private sector in Turkey and the largest polypropylene production plant in our nation with an annual production capacity of 450 thousand tons with the goal of an annual net positive contribution of $250 million to Turkey’s balance of foreign trade.

Expected to be operational in 2025, the plant will supply the fuel need using its own generated hydrogen. In addition, it will supply most of its electricity demand from Rönesans’ hydroelectricity plants. Thus, near 80% of the plant’s total energy need will be supplied from renewable energy sources.


For the project which will use a state-of-the-art technological structure and is aimed to be the most competitive polypropylene production plant, among the main partners is the Algerian national energy company Sonatrach. Sonatrach will supply an annual 550-thousand-ton raw material by 2040.

The technology infrastructure licensors of the project will be UOP Honeywell from the United States and LyondellBasell from the Netherlands. Rönesans and Tecnicas Reunidas from Spain, an engineering company with a track of over one-thousand successful projects in the related field, have partnered to develop the engineering solutions during the construction and carry out the supply and construction operations.

Ravago, a company based in Belgium reaching 50 thousand customers across 55 countries will provide the effective distribution of the products to all companies in the Turkish market. The French SPIE, a company providing services to petrochemical plants across 27 countries, will ensure the management of operations and maintenance services and sustainable production during the construction and operation of the plant.

In addition to the polypropylene production, the Stolt-Nielsen group, one of Norway’s well-established groups and the top groups in the world in the field will co-invest in the plant to provide the liquid cargo storage and terminal services efficiently.


Ceyhan Petrochemicals Industrial Zone which will be established on a land of near 1,300 hectares (about 2-thousand football fields), is in an advantageous position in terms of cost and time with its proximity to Turkey’s major ports and areas with the highest petrochemical raw material demand. With Rönesans’ this new investment, a first step is taken toward making Ceyhan located in the intersection of energy corridors a major petrochemical production center.