Established by Dr. Erman ILICAK in St. Petersburg, Russia in 1993, Rönesans Holding has been furnishing services as the prime contractor and investor in more than 20 countries of the world. Operating in principal branches such as construction, real estate development, energy and health, the Holding ranks the 36th among worldwide largest contracting companies. Rönesans Holding currently constructs shopping malls, offices, hotels, houses, composite structures, heavy industrial plants, infrastructure projects, manufacturing industrial plants, chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing plants, food and beverage processing plants, automotive and machinery factories, government buildings, health complexes and power plants with its more than 60,000 employees. Rönesans Holding’s size of assets climbed to 8,1 billion USD at the end of 2017 with a global turnover amounting to 4,2 billion USD at the end of 2017. Rönesans Holding currently operates in Russia, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Algeria, Poland, Belarus, Germany, Nigeria, Switzerland, Austria, Iraq, Qatar, Libya, Finland, Belgium, Japan, Mozambique, Sri Lanka, Luxemburg, Gabon, Curocao and St. Lucia and aims at implementing new projects in countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States, as well as the Middle East, African and European countries.